RAW Mentorship Program (1st Month)


RAW Sports offers virtual guidance for athletes during their respective seasons and off-seasons. Our $250/month online mentorship program includes:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Zoom based meetings focused on the individual needs of the athlete.
  • Monthly group Zooms which often have compelling guest speakers and focus on character development, lifestyle & nutrition guidance, and recruiting advice.
  • Personalized in-season and off-season programming through a mobile app.
  • A comprehensive football workout program which includes: resistance training, position specific field workouts, speed & agility training, explosiveness development, and mobility. All exercises will include video tutorials and athlete progressed is tracked.
  • Assistance with film & the recruiting process.

Your purchase includes your first month of the program and after completing your checkout, RAW Sports will be in touch for the next steps on your journey!




The RAW Sports Mentor Program takes your athletic training to the next level and includes:

  • Weekly 30 minute 1-on-1 Zoom sessions which include:
    • Athlete video review, academic review/help.
    • Athlete motivation, nutrition & workout advice.
    • Recruiting guidance.
    • Completely personalized to what each player needs.
  • Monthly 1 hour group Zoom sessions exploring relevant football & student-athlete topics. New guest speaker each Zoom (past speakers have included: Andrew Buckley (2x Hec Crighton winner, and former Calgary Stampeder), Tyler Varga (former NFL player & Yale graduate), Kevin Tonak (Dinos academic advisor), Bryant Johnson (Windsor DB coach), Nate Mollard (Dinos Special teams coach & assistant recruiting coordinator).
  • Full Online Training program that will include:
    • Resistance training, mobility, speed & agility training.
    • Position specific field work training.
    • All workouts will have video tutorials.
    • Players progress will be measured and analyzed.

Click here to watch an online training testimonial. You can also view our Mentorship Program promotional video in the section below.

Click here to view our Mentorship Program promotional video.