RAW x WinSport Elite Football Training Program (Delayed start)

$400.00 / month

We’re teaming up with WinSport to provide Calgary High School & Bantam football players with a second to none, elite football training experience.


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If you are interested in enrolling into the WinSport program for the 2024 offseason, please email Ethan Moroz @ ethan@rawsports.ca

*Sanctioned by Football Alberta*

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Who Can Attend RAW x WinSport Elite Football Training Program?

Different groups available for players in Grade 8-12.

All positions included.

When is the Program Held?

Starts beginning of 2024

Details change depending on month and that is emailed out

Where Is Program Held?

WinSport Performance Training Centre – 151 Canada Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, AB T3B 5R5

WinSport offers our team access to four gyms and two tracks. This provides us with the opportunity to split our athletes up between age, position, and skill level to provide a competitive and elevating environment for our athletes. This also means there will no longer be any limitations on our programming, and gives us the equipment and space required to create a program that rivals the best training available across Canada and the US.

What Does the Program Include?


We will be teaming up with WinSport as well as Ex Olympic Sprinter Jessica Zelinka to provide our athletes with a program that can compete with any other program across Canada. Working with some of the best minds in athletic development in Canada, our athletes will receive football specific programming to help them maximize their offseason and in-season training. The emphasis of this programming will be to have our athletes peak as they go into each season, and prepare them to make the jump after their high school career ends. Every three months we will use top of the line testing equipment to measure our athletes development in some of the major areas for football (40 yard dash, t-test, vertical, broad, and strength tests). Players progress will be tracked and sent to each family. We will also be getting content from each session and posting weekly videos to our social media accounts to maximize our players exposure.

The Program:

We are extremely excited to collaborate with Winsport and to move to a subscription based program to maximize the efficiency of our athletes development. The Winsport team consists of some of the top minds in Canada for programming and athletic development. We (Anthony & Robert Woodson) will be attending the sessions as well and are excited to provide our football specific knowledge and experience and to work hands on with our athletes as we help guide them towards their goals.

Our Strength and Conditioning program will include resistance/weight training designed to directly translate to our athlete’s strength and power on game day. Proper technique and form will be emphasized in all exercises. Our curriculum will also focus on developing athletes’ muscular and cardiovascular stamina and endurance to give players an edge on their opponents in the 4th quarter. Additionally, we will focus on increasing flexibility and mobility in our athletes and developing strength in these new ranges of motion to decrease the risk of injury and increase functional strength, speed and power.

Our Speed and Agility program will use a progression system to develop athletes’ straight line speed and lateral quickness. We will be utilizing a 100m and 200m track at WinSport to ensure that our players not only developing their acceleration & explosiveness, but also their long speed and running technique. This will work hand in hand with our Strength program to translate increased power, strength and range of motion into functional speed and agility movements.

What’s Included in your Subscription?

  • 4 x 1.5 hours per week at WinSport (18 sessions/month on average).
  • 1 x 1 hour group mentorship meetings/month.
  • Full combine testing using state of the art testing equipment.
  • Progress reports sent to families 2x/offseason.
  • Free registration into our summer field prep program.
  • Free registration to our Winter Field Prep
  • Weekly content of players throughout the offseason (can’t guarantee every player will be in a post every week).

How does this program work in-season?

When players are in-season (fall and/or spring) we will seamlessly roll them into our in-season program which is outlined below. For players who do not elect to play spring football, the
program will not change during this time.

  • Players will complete 1-2 in person workouts/week depending on their season schedule.
  • Players will complete the remaining workouts on their own using the WinSport app. This will ensure that players do not lose momentum during their seasons.
  • Players will be matched up with a mentorship coach who will have two 1-on-1 zooms with them per month. These zooms will focus on watching their game film to help them become better players, helping players through the recruiting process, and helping players improve their grades (when needed).
  • We will still have group zooms once per month.