University of Alberta Bears
"RAW Sports has helped me develop into the player, and the person I am today. I have learned things I can integrate into my everyday life to become a better person. Learning about things like effort and responsibility are key things I’ve learned from football that I can take everywhere in my “toolbox”. The experience and high-level play from the coaches help you realize that this is some of the best coaching you can get in the offseason. Another piece of Raw is the family aspect you get from it. Everyone is there together to get better and you get to meet new people as well as work against some other top competitors in the city. They mix in some fun with all the hard work to make every session enjoyable as well as give you a feeling that you are getting better. Almost all my thanks go to raw for the player I am, as well as the man I am today."


"RAW sports has been fundamental in my football success. Educated and experienced coaches breakdown each component of the game and provide advice to enhance your skills. Competitive drills help each player develop individually and achieve high levels of success. Providing insightful lessons that teach players discipline in and out of the game. There is no better training in Alberta if you are serious about taking your talents to high school, University and professional levels."